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What do I do?

I've had this habit and I can't stop it I went through a lot as a kid which caused me to start masking who I was.

I'm now 20 and feeling either already lost or starting to lose touch with myself, like I can be anyone you want, I can adapt to give you whatever you want, the person you want I can almost perfectly create it in myself.

And yeah I know this sounds stupid, but its genuinely something that is ruining my life at first it was a survival technique, but now I've lost control of it and I don't know who I am anymore I just feel so lost and empty.

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    Have you tried seeing a counselor or therapist? Therapist is trained to help you look at yourself and understand why we choose or act in ways that don't serve ourselves, that do not bring us happiness. Please reach out to someone, it gets better, truly it does.  

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    This is a talent actually, a talent actors use all the time.

    If you ascribe to the Big 5 theory of personality traits, you're too agreeable. The traits are: Agreeableness, Openness, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, and Extraversion. For a full explanation, Google these. They are worth studying and may give you some insight.

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