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What dry food for Australian shepherd ?

I want the best and healthiest puppy food for my pup. Right now he’s on merrick

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    • "What dry food for Australian shepherd ?"

    Toast is the only one I can think of - but it WON'T be appreciated.

    See, an Australian shepherd is an Australian man or boy who looks after sheep. But they rarely call themselves "shepherds" - their jargon uses the word "Jackaroo" or "Jackeroo". If a female is employed that way, she becomes a "Jillaroo"or "Jilleroo".

    Australia's sheep territory is MUCH hotter than your locale, so cool liquids and sloppy stews are very important.

    You previously claimed to have bought a house and to have a husband, so you should know HEAPS more than you display.

    However, as you placed this in the DOG section, maybe you were too damned lazy to check your typing before posting it - just as you are too damned lazy to have chosen the Best aka Favourite Answer for the 3-weeks-old and month-old questions you've asked.

    So click:  then click the red box for whichever language you know best, then find where your software places the opened  .PDF  file showing the International Standard of the Australian Shepherd - a badly misnamed breed that, as far as I can tell, was originally a type of Collie in the Portuguese-Spanish mountains, of which several accompanied Merino sheep to Australia on sailing ships, drove the sheep to their new owners, then shepherds & dogs sailed on to the USA where, over time, those dogs were mated to other breeds, and people forgot the breed's ancestry & history. So both the word "Australian" and "Shepherd" are misnomers. And - God help the poor pooches! - as soon as the AKC ignorantly accepted that WRONG breed-name, ignorant Yanks started cross-breeding to produce a smaller version.

    • "I want the best and healthiest puppy food for my pup. Right now he’s on merrick"

    No such thing. Unless you meant that your pet is lying on somebody called Merrick.

    Thanks to Google Search I see that Merrick is a Texas-&-Illinois firm that is heavy on propaganda, keen to hide DETAILS.

    Dogs were originally wolves - predators that killed rats, mice, moles, etc, and pack-hunted larger animals. So they're not as totally meat-dependent as cats are, but their digestive system evolved to thrive on raw meat, raw stomach contents aka offals, and raw bones. Such as birds, eggs, fish (WITHOUT those needle bones!), insects, mammals, reptiles - all whether fresh-killed or as carrion.  will show you the sort of diet my dogs are raised on.

    Now REMEMBER to start awarding Favourite Answer points. Each time you do, you get refunded 3 of the 5 points it "costs" you to ask a question. Be AWARE that if you leave it much more than 2 weeks, you will find that Yahoo has "locked" your question so that no-one else can answer it, and you cannot choose a Favourite Answer.

    King Les The Lofty - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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    Dog foods are made for any breed & there isn't a food specifically for Australian Shepherds or any other breed.

    Merrick is a fair to medium dog food.  It is not top of the line but it is a good dog food. 

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    Merrick is now owned by Purina so I would go with Fromm. It is one of the best dog foods and has wonderful reviews or you can always look into Royal Canin Austrailian Shepherd food. They have food that is breed specific. Before you settle on any food read the reviews and speak with your vet.

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    You asked this question a day or two ago, just leaving off the breed.  As said BEFORE - there is no ONE "best food" for all puppies or all dogs.  Some dogs do BETTER on certain ingredients than others.

    You should start the puppy on whatever the breeder was feeding and if they are a reputable breeder - whose advice & counsel you trust then => ask them to tell you why they feel what they use, is the best for THEIR dogs.  Only switch - if you feel you need to, after doing your OWN research and reading.  Merrick is regarded as a good food.

    Dog food comparison sites:

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    As always, the 'best food' for a puppy has to be what the breeder has reared him on.   However, having said that, if the food is cereal based, or significantly high in protein, then you may be best gradually (over at least a week) and once he's been with you and settled into his new routine/home, switching to a good food.   I don't have any experience of Merrick but urge you to use a food that lists meat or fish as the main ingredient.

    If you you bought from a reputable knowledgeable breeder, they should be able to advise you  what to use, based on what works for them, their lines and their breed.

    ps   Looking at Merrick dry, I note they do a grain free version which although at 28% protein, is a little high in that (I prefer to see something closer to 26% to avoid too much growth, too fast), would appear to be a good food, imo.

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    Merrick brand dog food is a very good quality food, IMO, so if you're dog is doing well on that I'd stick to that.

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    As long as he has plenty of fresh water available Merrick should be fine. If it lacks calcium you could add a tablet daily to ensure strong bones and teeth.

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