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I need an inspector for my building...?

It is a new condo and the maintenance people are keeping the garbage bins inside the building.  There are about 6-8 huge bins they never clean.  We have a ventilation system and all this polluted, contamination, toxic and poisonous air is entering my apartment and is actually polluting the whole environment around the building.  I am sick all the time and getting serious side effects and this is the Pandemic?  I need an inspector to come and do something about these conditions - any advice on how to get an inspector? Will an inspector help?  I need as much information as possible!


Yes I definitely tried speaking to them, they come up with excuses and deny the situation!

Update 2:

Anonymous/Contact the health inspector... unfortunately you are not at all informed about health issues.  Your knowledge is simply gossip and what you overheard.  It is killing me and it has everything and more to do with the Pandemic.  I stand by my experience not hearsay or fluff talk!

Update 3:

This has been shoved under the carpet - so to speak; and it is contaminating the city, the health of innocent children whose immune systems are delicate.  These bins in buildings are completely being blind sighted by those in power because they are not qualified to deal with health and they are at a lose at what to do. 

Update 4:

And people like you with there smooth talk and have all the answers promote and protect these laws; that people are too cowardly to stand up to what is right - staring them right in the face! Hypocrites. We wash our hands before entering any store, wear masks or you get arrested and these bins which have the power many times over to cause disease is ignored. There is something wrong in power and the medical profession!

Update 5:

This is a new condo that has just been finished being built in summer.  There are already rats, mice and cockroaches.  But that is fine.  You the expert knows! 

Update 6:

Lid or no lid!

Update 7:

It does not have an odor...or color...or taste. -- what planet are you from?

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  • 1 month ago

    If calling your local health department hasn't gotten any results, try contacting your local tv station. Some of them love this type of news story and once it's on tv the health inspector generally wakes up and does his job.

  • 2 months ago

    Call the department of health.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Contact the Health Inspector?  They will want to question you as to the problem and the building owner to see if they contravene any Health guidelines.  Possibly the bins are kept inside because the people in the building do not want to go outside to put their stuff into the bins.?   Most if not all bins have a lid. So there should be no open lids thus the smell stays in the bin.

    Many have a large garbage bin outdoors that everyone tosses their trash into and the garbage truck MT's it when it is full.

    . Because condo's are multiple families the 10'x10'x8' bin is adequate enough to hold a lot of stuff.   Indoor recycling bins can be so if there is no where outdoors to place them.

    .  This has nothing to do with the pandemic of the Virus.  It goes up your nose and into your lungs.  It does not have an odor...or color...or taste.

  • 2 months ago

    Local Inspectors can be found on line unless you live next to me and I do things like Inspect buildings including building on occasions...  I hope you feel better...   hug a friend as soon as you feel better..

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  • Rick B
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    2 months ago

    Have you tried talking to the building maintenance people and getting them to move them?  Have you brought it up to the Board that manages the building?  Not really sure what an inspector would do other than write up a report for you showing what is against code or safety standards.  I guess another option is to move.

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