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If i make lasagna for christmas will my Neighbor be mad?

My neighbor's family and my family are haveing a social distanced christmas dinner. the problem is the the dad in the family HATES lasagna. i dont know why but he won't be eating it because it's social distanced. came over one time and he refused to eat it he's not allergic or on a diet. is it ok that i bring some?


it's social distanced so the family's will not be eating the other family's food but we will be 6 feet away so i don't know if he hate that bad

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    2 months ago
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    Do what you want, he doesn't have to eat it. 

    Source(s): Don't have to cater to him anyways, the food is for EVERYBODY not just him!
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    2 months ago

    If you know he hates lasagna, and your families are sharing christmas dinner together, why would you be so purposefully rude unless you're just trolling? Ahh, no answer? Just the TD? Troll it is. Thanks for the confirmation.

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