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What is this movie?

Okay so this movie has this guy who was in the military. He dies and then becomes a half zombie half vampire. He can still talk and act like a normal person. I know one scene in the movie where he tries stealing blood from a hospital and a nurse comes in and tries asking for his blood type. I know the way he figures out what he is he has a friend that looks it up on Wikipedia and finds it. What he's called is the same name of the movie. There is also one part of the movie where he gets his head cut off and his friend uses a vibrator on his throat so he can be able to talk. This is all I remember and it was probably around like 2012 or 2013 when I saw this movie on TV. I really so badly want to figure out what it is and even after this long can't figure it out myself. I've tried looking up stuff like movies of half zombie half vampire character but I can't find it. Please help me out with this one I might spend my whole life never remembering it.


I put this question on a Reddit form too so if I figure it out I'll make an update.

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    Dead & Deader (2006)

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