Is a manufacturing economy worth it?


Industrial independence

Limitless technological potential

Relative Safety against sanctions and embargoes, with a big, independent  enough economy.


Reliance on labor unions with government recognition (often for sale through corruption) 

to empower employees, who have no organic power on their own.

The defining characteristic of humans is our brain, and dumb humans do dumb things, which creates a massive crime rate when being an  (assembler) doesn't even require literacy.. without government regulation falsely claiming it does, in order to promote child welfare.

Massive vice behavior epidemics...


Tobacco use.

Drug use.

Strip clubs.

Night clubs.





All to alleviate the stress and pain of such employment.

Organically, over 90% would earn nothing without minimum wage laws..

And the same number would actually earn minimum wage, without workers unions.

Child labor, a historic cause of illiteracy.

The likelihood of the businesses going overseas and creating a welfare caste out of the employees, if and when the people become slightly too intelligent, too literate and too demanding, Is 100%


Such a massive economic difference between the rich scientists and physicists, and engineers and architects..

And the DIRT POOR labor...

Combined with the illiteracy and idiocy of the labor, makes for extremism and the easy sale of extremism.

Bigotry, abuse and hate, out of ignorance.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    That same "fair wage" which is deserved, is also what creates the welfare caste, by having the company leave or go out of business..

    They're ruthless operations for the benefit of those at the top.

    They don't care about the workers.

    That's the history of manufacturing, is the present day of manufacturing in places like Mexico and China..

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Poverty is the parent of crime and revolution, not illiteracy. 

    If you don’t want a wealth gap, then pay the workers a fair wage. 

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