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What's the best software for editing and transferring VHS tapes to DVD?

I am recording my large vhs collection of movies to dvd. Many tapes are grainy, puffy, and have faded color. What software can I buy to help me fix this. I  have been suggested Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, Adobe Premiere, Nero Video, Vegas Movie Maker, Wondershare Filmore, or Magix Movie Editor Pro Premium. 

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    you cannot make them perfect DVD quality, but it is possible to make MINOR improvements to the video quality.

    Adobe Premiere is probably the best, but also most expensive, and tricky to learn.

    Lightworks is free, and many Hollywood studios use it, but it's also got a steep learning curve.

    for cleaning up/converting video, i like TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works. it's been around for longer than i've been editing videos (over 2 decades), and it works with all kinds of video, including MPEG-2 (DVD), and even has subtitle functions.

    for actually capturing video, one of these is fone if you set it to max quality:

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