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How to designate 1 remote per TV?

Hi internet, so I have 2 Samsung TVs in the living room. One for watching shows, and the other for my bf's gaming. Every time I turn on the TV it shuts off his game TV and vice versa. The universal remote is causing such a headache. Is there a way to program/designate one remote per TV??

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    You can’t. 

    Unless you want to replace one of those TVs with one from a different brand then your only other choice is to choose one TV to operate manually and then tape an opaque cover over the infrared sensor for the remote control (opaque tape alone might not work if the infrared isn’t blocked by it; a piece of aluminium foil definitely works). 

    The best TV for that is probably the gaming one: you only need to go over to it to turn it on and off, adjust the volume (although many games let you do that) and possibly to switch the TV to the correct input for the games console.

    Some TVs such as my Panasonic Viera come with a second Bluetooth remote. Others such as the LG I bought earlier this year have the option to control them via an app on my phone. Both those options are usable if the IR sensor is physically blocked. So may be worth checking whether either of your Sony TVs have those options.

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    You would first need to 'reprogram' one of the TVs    

    to operate with a different set of remote commands.   

    No TV allows for that. 


    The best and easiest thing to do is replace one of the TVs with another brand.    

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