Is my answer right?

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  • Pope
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    2 months ago
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    Differentiation generally is much easier that integration. That makes checking your integration easier than actually doing it.

    d/dx [11tan⁶(x)/6 + 11tan⁸(x)/8 + C]

    = 11tan⁵(x) d/dx[tan(x)] + 11tan⁷(x) d/dx[tan(x)]

    = 11[tan⁵(x) + tan⁷(x)]sec²(x)

    = 11tan⁵(x)[1 + tan²(x)]sec²(x)

    = 11tan⁵(x)sec²(x)sec²(x)

    = 11tan⁵(x)sec⁴(x)

    That looks good.

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