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Should I use duct tape to fix my roof leak?

There's a hole in my roof in my bedroom. I'm waiting for repairs tomorrow, so can I use duct tape to patch the hole right now? I know it's a temporary fix until repairs come.

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    the duct tape inside the house will accomplish nothing but make the water find a new location to go through.  The required repair is somewhere on the roof itself -- this has to be found and the substance of the roof repaired.  Depending on local building code, this may prove quite expensive.  Since the location of the actual leak on the roof is likely unknown -- expect this to take several hours and cost a few hundred dollars at minimum.  the exception is if the water is coming from something in the attic ... condensate from an a/c unit, or a leaking hot water heater, or leaking pipes.  Then, the roof may not need any repairs, but the cause must be found and corrected -- which could cost many hundreds in the ugliest case.  -- grampa

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    if its a small hole and a temporary repair ..dry area ..and apply a large dob of vaseline ..

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    Duct tape will not stick if the roof is wet. If the hole is small, you can buy small tubes of liquid tar. If big, you need to cover with a plastic tarp (that you weight down to keep it in place)>  "Oh, don't let the rain come down. My roof has a hole in it and I might drown ..." (google the song)

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    Yes it would be better than nothing - you should try to keep the construction beneath as dry as possible. 

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