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Should I Contact My Ex Best Friend?

Throughout my childhood, I had a friend that I used to go to camp with, and specifically in 5th and 6th grade we were super close. I remember we used to tell each other about the boys we liked, and had sleepovers, and all of that fun stuff. Around when we were 12, we had a huge fight over a boy and never spoke again. I am 16 now and have never had a friendship like hers since. I have realized that I was at fault (hormonal stuff yk) and we have a snapchat streak. I wished her a happy birthday a few months ago and we seem to be on neutral terms. I still miss her though, and have been thinking about maybe reaching out and apologizing for what happened. But a lot has changed. I now go to a private school in another state and she is very popular in her public school. I just don't know if it's a good idea to open this wound back up, or let it be and just move on?

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     There's no reason for contacting this person at all zxjqf

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