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Can you date a minor if they are the age of consent in your state?

For example, if a 22 year old sleeps with a 17 year old, and the age of consent is 17 in that state, could the 22 year old still be charged with statutory rape? 

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    If the 17-year-old has reached the age of consent, legally, you can have sex with her no matter how old you are, so no, statutory rape charges are not possible.

    HOWEVER, the parents of a minor can forbid you to see her even if she HAS reached the age of consent, and they can take legal action -- not having you arrested for statutory rape but other action -- to keep you away from their daughter.  Once she turns 18, though, they can't do even that.

    Dating is legal everywhere, even if the younger partner hasn't reached the age of consent, but again, even if you're not having sex, if the parents don't want you dating their minor child, they can take action to prevent it.

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    Yes, you can date a minor over the age of consent. You can even have sex with them legally, since age of consent means the legal age for sexual relations, not dating, which is not a legal thing to begin with.

    In no state is dating or having sex with someone under 21 illegal, thus depending on their age dating minors is legal in every state. 

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    "Dating" won't get you in much trouble. Actual sex, maybe not from the state, but what will the Feds do? What will your job do when those charges (even if dismissed) come out? Find someone your own age (or older). 

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    Legally, dating is an UNDEFINED TERM.

    Age of consent applies to sexual activity. BY DEFINITION, statutory rape CANNOT occur if both parties can legally consent to sexual activity.

    Someone will likely mention a teacher/student relationship as an exception, but in such cases, the student can't legally consent.

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    You're asking 2 different things. There is no law for dating. A 70 year old could date a 4 year and its not illegal.  Its sexual contact with someone below the age of consent that becomes an issue.  So yes, in the example you gave they could be charged.

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    There are no laws, anywhere in the civilized world, that set a minimum age for dating.  Age of consent is strictly about sexual contact, not dating.

    I'm 50, and the age of consent where I live is 16.  If I screw a 16 year old, no cop can arrest me for anything if it's consensual.  If I screw a kid who is 15 and 11.5 months old, I can be hit with multiple criminal charges.  There is no such thing as statutory rape where I live, but my charges can include...

    - Aggravated sexual assault (under 16 cannot give consent)

    - Sexual interference

    - Invitation to sexual touching

    - Sexual exploitation

    - Internet luring

    But if that person is 16 or older and consented to the act, I haven't broken any laws at all.  That's how age of consent works.

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    95% of the time the law does not get involved unless a parent complains. 

    It is really up to the parents.

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    The law says you can...her parents might say different. 

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    I've heard it's illegal to convince someone who's underage by their state's law to come to your state & then have sex with you. I heard Chris Hansen tricked people into accidentally breaking that law so he could make them look like child molesters on his show.

    I don't know if that answers your question since I don't know your intent but try to be safe, use good judgment, & don't do anything immoral. It's probably best to just wait so you don't endanger your freedom or their mental health. Keep in mind even 18-year-olds don't have fully developed brains so 18 is already questionable morally.

    I won't get judgmental about it since it's a complex issue but not a lot of people realize the status of an 18-year-old as an adult is a lot more gray than the government pretends so I figured I should mention it.

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    Theres no laws against "dating".

    Age of consent laws are about sexual contact.

    Read the law for your state closely.  Many have "close in age" limitations/exceptions.

    If you have any position of authority over the minor, they cannot legally consent to sex with you...  That includes teacher, mentor, foster parent, councellor, pastor, police officer etc.

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    You always ask this same question and you're always told that age of consent has nothing to do with "dating" or "sleeping." It's about sex.

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