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Can someone please explain intermittent fasting to me? ?

I really want to lose weight, please explain the timing to me like what time should my first meal and last meal be. How many times a day am I supposed to eat during my eating window? I also want to know what should I eat during my eating window 

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    The answer below is basically correct, but the times are wrong. A typical I.F. plan starts on a 16/8 schedule, meaning you only eat during an 8hr window, say from 12 noon to 8pm. You should only eat twice a day and browsing is discouraged. Once you adjust to that, scale back the size of those two meals and/or cut your "eating window" to 7 hours, then 6. The ultimate goal is to only eat one big meal daily. There's no restrictions on what you eat and I.F. works by resetting your metabolism & food habits. But it's not a standard diet and takes a lot longer to lose weight.

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    You skip lunch at work and magically look like the magazine cover girl/guy... somehow. Instead of just getting fatter like people who skipped lunch in the 80s did. Seriously, the idea is just don't eat all day and then pig out. It's simply repackaged for this generation.

    Note the guy/girl on the magazine cover you want to look like eats like a freaking pig all day and night and lifts heavy-*** weights. Yeah buddy.

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    There are different duration of a fasting.  Start with 12 hours (from 7 PM - 7 AM) then stretch that to a 16 hour fast.  It could be from 5PM-9AM or 7PM -Noon).  

    IF "works" by forcing your body to access stored fat and it works best if you are on a keto diet and also only eat twice during your eating window. When you eat, your body will use that food as fuel.  This is particularly true of carbohydrates, so grazing on grains for 8 hours isn't the best way to approach this.

    IF is a lifestyle, not a weight loss trick. If you eat more calories than your body can use, your body stores that fuel as fat.  Step #1 in weight loss is getting your calories and nutrients under control by cutting out low-nutrient foods and increasing higher nutrient foods that don't require as much insulin.  Once your are eating in a calorie deficit and eating the "right" foods, you can certain try IF.  Some people find this to be a very natural way to eat and others struggle.

    If you do IF but gorge yourself for 8 hours on junk food, you won't lose weight.

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    It's basically fasting, but not continuously.  More on an intermittent basis.

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    I suggest you watch this video on YouTube if you haven’t already. It thoroughly explains the concept of intermittent fasting https://youtu.be/lwCRjwDs1Ek

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