Why can’t life be like it was 17 years ago?

Why can’t life go back to The 2000s again when 

music like Nelly, and Fergie, as well as Hilary Duff, and Avril Lavigne, and Pink, Justin Timberlake, and Kenny G ruled where Nintendo with games like Luigi’s Mansion, and Mario Golf were popular. Karaoke, and DJ Parties were still pop culture. Plus, we had movies like Walt Disney’s “Holes,” and TV Shows like Hanna Montana, That So Raven, Pokémon was still popular, and High School Musical were popular. Preschool shows like Franklin The Turtle, Little Bear, House of Mouse, and even shows like MLP were still popular amongst The Little Ones. Kids also actually went Bowling, or to play Laser Tag with their friends as their Mom, or Dad would actually “Carpool” them to take them to places like that from places like “Real School” that wasn’t divided with George Foreman Grills plus while we had Phones, we had Alltel, and SunCom, as well as Bell South. Plus, Stores, and Restaurants like The Home Depot, Target, Belk, Lonestar Steakhouse, Sagebrush Steakhouse, Sears, JC Penney, Fuddruckers, Best Buy, and even stores that no longer exist that are long gone existed back then like Circuit City, The Fresh Market, and Radio Shack. The Mall was still a hotspot! Plus, businessmen still used Fax Machines at their office, and printers I miss those days! I wish that life was still like the 2000s now! Why can’t this life currently still be the way we live today as we did in 2004 with no iPhones, either where kids took field trips to Museums or Plays?

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  • Mike
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Changes in pop culture do not significantly affect the quality of life. They are like the changes to cars. I have 2 Camrys from different years. On the older one, the fuel gauge needle goes from right to left. On the newer one, the needle goes from left to right. When I give up the older car, I don't think I'll be nostalgic for the right to left needle.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I was wondering that myself...when I missed my youth and the wonderful things that came with it...😂. The early 2000s were a great time for most people and l remember the people being more happier and outgoing than now. We were the most united as a country back then, especially right after 9/11. Everything was much cheaper and there were surplus of it back then. The typical cellphone was either a candy bar or a flip, the black berry was high end. It was a great time

  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Why not go back 50 years? Then there would be more jobs, gay bashing would be a Friday night thing, women would be taking care of the home and the kids, and when some idiot was mouthing off, we could punch them in the throat.

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