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Do i use the DP cable, HDMI cable or the USB upstream or whatever cable on my gaming pc.?

So ive just bought a gaming pc with the help of a friend of mine who knows a lot about pc's. He isnt available at the moment so i need some help. When connecting my monitor to my pc do i use the DP cable, the HDMI cable or the USB upstream cable thingy (i have no idea what this is used for)?

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    DisplayPort is the preferred one, if both the monitor and PC have those ports. Use HDMI if DisplayPort isn't available.

    USB upstream is most likely there if your monitor has USB ports on it, the USB cable is used to connect the monitor to the PC so that it can act like a USB hub. It's probably not used as a video connection (unless it's USB-C, then it might be but DP or HDMI are still preferred).

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    Both the DP cable and the HDMI cable can be used to connect the monitor and the PC. DP has a higher bandwidth than HDMI, but HDMI is more common and has good compatibility. If your PC has a DP interface, DP is preferred. I use HDMI cable, but there is a Larnt adapter to transfer to DP.

    But the USB interface on the monitor cannot be used to connect the PC and the monitor, it can be used to connect a USB stick, keyboard or mouse.

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    Displayport in preference, or HDMI; just one or the other. 

    Make sure you use the connection on the video card, the GPU (assuming it has one - a gaming system should).

    eg. Not a video port in the same panel as the USBs, audio and ethernet - look lower down, on most common desktop case types, where the blanking plates are that allow expansion cards to be installed.

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