Can you name this Factory Records artist from Algeria? And the song?

So yeah, I audio cassette tape-recorded an episode of the television show Snub on Night Flight back somewhere in 1987 - 1989, but before the episodes that aired on the BBC, these shows were hosted like I said on Night Flight which was on the USA network in the USA.

They gave a name for the artist, Fedella, but I can not find it on the internet or Apple Music, so I think maybe I'm mis-hearing it and or mis-spelling it. With one or two L's I get an artist named Fedel, some american rapper, and that's it. 

The song is very rhythmic and guitar driven, sung in Arabic or a similar sounding language. Though some of it sounds like "lay low lay low." It sounds like something where you wouldn't be surprised to find out they're from/live in Algeria. 

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