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If a final project is worth 25% of overall grade and the student has a 96% in the class but they get a zero on the final project...?

what will their final grade end up being?

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    There is an old saying that 

    those who can, do.

    those who can't, teach.

    those can't teach, teach teachers.

    The answer provided by "Gypsyfish" is evidence of the truth of the above.

    The answer to your question is 96% x 0.75 = 72%.

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    I had to actually add a line to my syllabus saying that all assignment had to be submitted to pass the class. I can't believe I had to do that! Are you saying that you are willing to take a D in the class rather than do the final project? 

    Here is something I try to explain to the teachers I train- the usual range of grades covers 35-40 points, from a 60 or 65 to 100. That means that a 0 heavily skews the grade.  If you had a 4.0 or A average on 75% of your grade, and then you got a 0 for 25% of your grade, that would make your average a 3.0 or a B. But if your grades are on a 100 point scale, and a 0 is averaged in, it drops your grade to a 72, which depending on the scale your school uses, may be a D or at best a C-. It's a flaw in the grading system. However, if you hand in at least something for the project, and the teacher gives you a D, you come out much better. 

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    So I'm guessing it isn't a math class you've got 96% in or you'd know how to multiply 96 by 0.75 to come up with the percentage that answers your question.

    Source(s): 0.75 * 96 = 72, so that means you'd have an overall 72% if you get 0 on the final project.
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