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Why my Shih Tzu isn’t active?

I have a 5 month old pure bred Shih Tzu.  He eats and drinks, but he isn’t into playing with toys, or really follow me.  I took him to the vet, and the vet says he’s fine.  Any takes on what’s wrong with him?

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  • 2 months ago

    Bored out of his mind.  Not enough exercise, not enough attention, not enough mental stimulation.  Don't know if you have trained the dog or not.  Walk him twice as much as you are walking now.  Get some of those interactive toys/puzzles for dogs & if you have done any training, now may be a good time to start the Obedience training.

  • Jojo
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    2 months ago

    Not ALL pups follow owners about or want to play with toys.

    He may just have a laid back and quiet temperament and not much prey drive.

    As long as he is eating well and `seems` quite happy, no need to worry if the vet says he is fine.

    Accept him for how he is. 

  • 2 months ago

    maybe take him to the local dog park where he can interract and play with other dogs

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