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What should I know/expect when moving from a house to a camper?

Because of covid, my small town basically died. Most of the businesses here closed, I lost my job that wasn't even that great, and I'm rapidly blowing through my savings and unemployment trying to stay in this rental home. While I still have some cash, my plan is to sell/donate everything I don't need, and move into my truck camper, and go where there are jobs, eventually getting into a house. Most of the "full time rv" groups are full of wealthy people doing it for fun. My camper is pretty basic- bed, toilet and sink, with some storage and an inverter for the fridge and a small tv. What is some advice for a poor guy trying to make it?

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    You have nothing stopping you: id personally do the same thing. Start researching areas you can get employment. Make a intentional plan on finding employment and keep in touch with others who may steer you to employment opportunities. Use resources such as the employment facilities near you were you can use their resources. All the best. 

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