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Do you know any guy who got married twice? If yes did both wives look like?

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  • 2 months ago
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    My first wife was a brunet and very skinny.

    My second wife was blond and a bit on the heavy side.

    My third wife is a red head and physically fit.

    None of my wives looked alike. It helps me keep the name straight.

  • Janet
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    2 months ago

    I am in my early 70's.  About half of the people I know have been married twice.  No, I haven't notice a similarity in how their wives looked.  Although I did go to a wedding once where one of the guests came with his 2nd wife and the 1st wife was also there .. and both of them wore black polka-dot dresses .. I guess both women had the same tastes .. in dresses and in men.

  • Jamie
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    2 months ago

    They weren't  married  , but this guy ,Alan lived and loved  with my work colleague , Lisa  when I was just a boy of 16. She had mental health issues which lead them to splitting up . Having worked with this depressed girl I assumed he was relieved to be away from her , but boy I must have been wrong  . I would say 6 years later I bumped into Alan with Lisa's doppelganger . I swear if it were not for the fact he introduced me to her and she shook my hand and told me her name I would have said hi to Lisa . It was totally extraordinary and eerie that this man found a physical double of Lisa  .

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