What all can you do with an associate's degree in computer science?

I was reading that 2 year colleges are a good choice for people pursuing careers in healthcare, technology, trades, etc. and I thought computer science would fit under "technology." What all types of jobs can you get with a two year degree in CS?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Some help desks & computer technician companies hire graduates of computer technician, computer repair, and similar community college programs. See what Staples requires for applicants of their "tech wreck" guys. See what Geek Squad & similar companies require. Study their websites for job openings & what they are looking for. 

    Companies generally want a minimum of bachelor's degree for programmers & other computer professionals. Community colleges often offer technician training programs, and if you are not going to transfer into bachelor's program in computer engineering, software engineering, etc, you want TECHNICIAN training.

  • John
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    2 months ago

    This is not in my field of expertise, but my answer is based on one of my brother-in-law's career.  Decades ago, he went to vocational school to learn to be what they described as a computer programmer.  

    After completing his classes, he was hired as what was then called a "computer operator." I believe nowadays he would be called a computer support specialist.  Its a clerical level position which involves no programming, and has a very well established glass ceiling.  He was almost constantly employed over the decades, which is very good.  He never, however, advanced to programming, supervision, or other professional level CS jobs.  New college grads with 4 year degrees were regularly hired into positions above him.  CS is a profession in which one needs a 4 year degree to have a chance to advance. He never obtained a Bachelors degree, which severely hurt his career.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    In the current job market your best bets are fry cook, waitress, store clerk, or exotic dancer.  Hopefully things will improve in the next few months and you will find something more in your field.

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