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How much do you spend a month on comics?

I'm debating whether to get Comixology because buying paper comics every week is getting expensive, but I dont like digital as much as paper... tough choice :(. I'm spending like $200 a month on comics

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    Here's what I do. Read new comics illegally online when they come out. And buy paperbacks or hardcovers of comics I really like and put them on a big shelf I purchased. For example, I read Nightwing Rebirth online for free a few years ago and remembered loving the art. So I recently bought 3 deluxe hardcovers containing the issues I liked so I could put them on my batman shelf. Thats what I'd reccomend you do as well. 

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    2 months ago

    Nothing.  I did subscribe to MAD magazine for a year about a month ago but have yet to receive the first issue.  I think it was $19 for 6 bi-monthly issues.  I honestly forgot it existed until I ran across this:

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