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Should I give this guy a chance? What type of a man meets women on Sugar Daddy websites?

What type of a man meets women on Sugar Daddy websites? I met a guy who confessed to meeting and dating for multiple years a woman on such a website. This was after he and his wife separated, but before they finalized their divorce. All parties were in their 30ies and there are no kids. He is now divorced for 5 years, he hasn't seen that girlfriend since then as well (he found out she was seeing others and broke up).  I'd normally give this guy a chance (divorced, polite, good job, good education) but the fact that he found someone on such a site bothers me. He also says that it was an arrangement and he did pay for her expenses. The reason he came clean is he was afraid I'd later find out and be upset. I am certainly a financially independent and decent person who would not approve of the life styles on these sites.

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    I'd say that if you don't approve of men hiring prostitutes (or litehooks, as the women who inhabit these sites are) then you probably shouldn't date a guy who historically has hired prostitutes.

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    So he went through a traumatic experience, found comfort in a consensual relationship, broke it off before he even met you, and came clean about it?

    Maybe he isn't the one with the problem.  Maybe you shouldn't give him a chance.   Maybe it's a waste of his time.

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    First, she wasn't his girlfriend.  And she wasn't "seeing others".  She was a prostitute.  He was a john.  She had other johns.  If you're comfortable being with the kind of man who goes to prostitutes, that's your call.  But it shows that he has a bad attitude toward women in general.  Men who visit prostitutes are not relationship material.  They're scum.  He's trying to hide how scummy he is by calling her his girlfriend, but be realistic about what you're setting yourself up for if you do decide to make a relationship work.

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    I had a sugar babe a few years ago. I'm widowed, and not interested in the social or dating scene. I don't want a permanent or long term relationship. I enjoy sex, and beauty. I'm comfortable financially. I was almost 70, I'm bald, my ears stick out, and I'm in good shape but thin. I took this as an opportunity to have a few months of fun, and to help someone with their education. We had four months of fun. I  hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.

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    I don't know you, your standards, your morals.

    I wouldn't date him, but, then again, I don't need strangers to give me life advice.

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