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Why is Michael Jordan is better than Lebron?

Change my mind 

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    Up until the last couple years, Jordan was clearly better in his competitiveness, sheer will and dominance. He was a leader of a dynasty that covered the entire 1990s and no other team was close except maybe Olajuwon's Rockets or Barkley's Suns.

    But it's hard to argue against a player who's made it to the finals with 3 different teams over 10 of the last 11 years. And the only reason he doesn't have more rings now is because he kept skipping to other teams. If he stayed in Cleveland or Miami instead of moving on, he would've had chemistry building with whichever team he would've stayed on and would've built a dynasty with that team. Lebron could've realistically had 8 rings now instead of just 4.

    Jordan probably could have done the same if he moved around to a new team every 3 years during his prime. The results for championships would've been very similar.

    Considering the work rate and accomplishments of both, they are interchangeable as the best ever. Neither side is wrong really. There's a strong argument for both.

    But this question is moot because in 10-15 years we'll be seeing Luka Doncic eclipse both of them and this conversation will be put to rest. haha!

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    Michael Jordan was a class act who guarded his image like a 9th degree grandmaster black belt of karate. Jordan went full on All-American, all marketable, on a global scale. There was a study done at the height of his career and they showed people just a silhouette of Michael Jordan's head and the actual full face in color of the US President and more people knew Michael Jordan's silhouette. Insane, really. Jordan was extremely charismatic and charming. Jordan had his signature tongue move that had all kids hanging their tongue out while going for a layup. Jordan glided around the court. It was like watching a basketball ballet as he had so much control over his body and his ball handling was impeccable. Like, watching Jordan was like watching art. Perfection on all levels.

    LeBron is cool, gets the job done and is efficient, but nowhere near the skill set and technique of the global phenom and admiration level of Jordan. Jordan was perfect in all ways. 

    Wait, im supposed to be changing your mind. Lolol. 

    Now, I challenge somebody to prove us both wrong!

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