does olive oil help the finger nails?

someone recommended it fir my damaged, cracked thumbnails, because i explained i had abused my thumbnails for years like biting them off due to bad nerves, and now they grew back deformed, think and cracked/torn....someone explained if i rub olive oil over them ever day it will that true?

im male, in my 40s also.


thankyou msbittner.

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  • 2 months ago
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    Moisturizing will help with cracking and brittleness. It doesn't have to be olive oil. Vaseline, a good hand cream, coconut oil, etc. will do the same thing.

    If I were going to use a product, it wouldn't be one that can leave oil stains on my clothes. I'd look for an effective hand cream that is also good for nails. The best ones are mostly going to be found at beauty stores rather than your drugstore, but you can order online. Google "hand cream rating nails" and you'll find lists.

    One of the exceptions is Neutrogena Norwegian Healing Hand Cream, which is in drugstores, groceries, and variety stores like Target and WalMart. It sinks in slowly, but it's good.

    Bath and Body Works hand creams are excellent and come in various scents:

    Nothing will reverse the damage you may have done to the nail bed, but the condition of the nails in terms of cracking, splitting, and breaking will be improved if you consistently use a good cream that's not just for hands but specifies nail care.

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