Ford Expedition Towing Capacity?

I am looking at getting an older ford Expedition for towing cars  (1997-2006) I am currently looking at a 2000 Eddie Bauer 4×4. 5.4 I'm trying to figure out the towing capacity. The axel ratio is 3.55. Looking at a graph I found it appears the only difference between the 7,400 rating and the 6,900 rating is the tires. Is that correct? I don't quite understand. Could I just change the tires to heavier duty tires and tow 7,400 pounds instead of 6,900? Any help would be appreciated.

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  • 2 months ago
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    1. That's more of a chart than a "graph"

    2. I'm betting that the difference has to do with the tire diameter. The 16 inch wheels came with 255/70/R16 tires. They have an OD of 30.1 inches. the 17 inch wheels came with 265/70/R17 tires, They have and OD of 31.6 inches. A difference of 1.6 inches, which is significant. The increased tire size makes the effective axle ratio different.  

    If the axle ratio with the 255/70/16 tires is is 3.55.  And you change those tires to 265/75/17, the effective ratio changes to 3.38.  This would reduce towing capacity slightly.  You'll note that the rating with the 3.55 axle ratio with the 17 inch wheels is slightly more than the similar 3.31 ratio with 16 inch wheels.  That's in line with the math. 3. I wouldn't trust a 20 year old SUV with an unknown past to regularly tow at or near it's rated limit.  If you're using like a two axle trailer to two normal sized cars around. You'd do better with a 3/4 ton truck. 

  • bo
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    2 months ago

    towing capacity is the weight of the expediton and what you're towing so if you are at 7400 pounds you include the car you're towing, the trailer, and the expedtion. also add a extra transmission cooler to the expediton to help with cooling the transmission

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  • Bill
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    2 months ago

    My opinion is, yes.  If you were stopped by the fuzz and weighed, and you had the 275-17 tires on it, you would be legal up to the higher limit.  Buy excellent tires if you do this.      

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