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My dream last night was mega weird and super bizzare I thought I'd ask a question by sharing it ?

i'm glad thats the question out of the way, phew lol

ok so basically Its in my town center,  we have a statue of somebody from the 16th century who wrote laws and stuff,  kinda like a political figure and around him is a fountain that sprouts water upwards.

this little boy runs over to me and without warning remarks " hey mother f@!ker,  why is your d**k so tiny!?'

and these young brats on bmx's are cycling around me in a circle and throwing garbage at me and start laughing.

In the process I instantly get rather angry and proceed to lift him up by the neck with one arm, and his legs are kicking empty air below him.

All the townsfolk stand up and give me a rapturous round of applause and then the kid stops breathing and falls unconscious.

next thing you know I'm in a police station.

As I said, this was a mega weird dream.

wonder if it even means anything ?

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    Dreams usually try to make sense of what is happening in our lives, and they often use symbols because they come from the most ancient part of our brain.

    The words you use to describe a dream are also important.  Here are my thoughts:  Your dream starts with a statue of a person who has achieved some honor and respect for his work.  The upwards shooting water implies lofty goals.  This is either what you believe you should be or what you think others want you to be.

    However you feel as if that's not your life.  Your experience has been that you have to face disrespect and attacks from other people.  That makes you furious enough that you could attack one of them back, but you know that would backfire and you would be in trouble.  Your subconscious mind is trying to consider how you can achieve your life goals while not over reacting to those who try to put you down.

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