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How do I stop my ex trying to hack my social media?

It’s getting annoying he tried hacking my Facebook and Snapchat lots, so I changed my email on both of them, and now he’s trying to hack my Twitter. I keep getting emailed about someone trying to get on my social media accounts. I shouldn’t have to keep changing my email on everything because of him. I know it’s him because I only text him before we ended it on email but I can’t prove it’s him.

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    Use Instagram

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    If possible use 2 factor authentication, make sure your passwords are not guessable by him.  Google and I guess apple will give a randomly generated password thats virtuallt impossible for him to guess if you change your password.

    As long as its just emails saying someone requested a change just ignore them.  You may also want to consider a court order stopping him from being anywhere near you if you are worried.

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    Change your Password to something Stronger you could also if you have Proof you could Call the Police on him Hacking is Illegal and they can go after Him and Either give him a Big Fine or put him in Jail

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    how is he "hacking" you? and how do you KNOW it's him?

    if you have proof, take it to the police. just assuming it is him is not enough.

    if you are saying he is GUESSING your password, then the solution is easy: don't make it guessable.

    too many people misunderstand what a password is. it is NOT meant to be an actual word or words. it is meant to be a seemingly random set of characters holding no meaning whatsoever. ESPECIALLY if what you are guarding is actively trying to be accessed by a known 3rd party.

    he is guessing your password based on what he knows about you. so don't use words. a password should not look like this:


    a password should look like this:


    by the way, don't use this one, as it is no longer secure, now that it is posted online and anyone can see it. make up your own. randomly mash the keyboard in Notepad if you want, but whatever you come up with WRITE IT DOWN! keep it hidden somewhere (NOT in a sticky note under the keyboard!) maybe in your purse or wallet, maybe in a book on a shelf.

    pull it out only when needed.

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    Changing your email is almost a pointless exercise, my friend.  What you need to do is change your password for each of those accounts ... and make sure it's a strong password. i.e. one that contains upper case (capital letters), lower case, and characters not often used, such as !"£$%^&*()+_}]{[#@?><|.

    Make sure you don't use any words that could indicate something about you as your ex is more likely to 'guess' or 'work out' those things.

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