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How does T-Mobile family where tracking work?

Can my phone still be tracked if I turn off the data on my phone and just use wifi? How can I avoid my phone being tracked? If I take out my SIM card can it be tracked?


If I turn my phone on airplane mode but still connect to wifi can it be tracked?

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    If you don't want to be "tracked", leave the phone at home, buy your own phone and plan to use when you are not sitting in front of mommy and daddy.

    As long as you are using your phone as a phone, connected to cellular or wifi networking where you can call or receive calls or text from/to your cell number, it can get "tracked" or show that the location or phone has turned off. 

    And yes you can take the sim card out of the phone, but why go through all the back flips? Just turn the phone off when you are not where you should be. Less hassle, no brain cells stressed. I don't know how old you are, but at age 12, I was trusted to fly across the country to attend conventions and contests by myself, without any way to "check in", than taking time to call home to update my folks on my day, contest standing. 

     Guess you do not show that you are worth trusting, that your keepers are glued to their phones to watch each step out of their sight. 

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    Well if you're a scumbag (which you are) then you should stop being a scumbag and doing highly immoral things which could result in charges on your history. But if you're just going to waste money and smoke weed with your fake friends then just turn off your phone. I dont think it can be tracked when it's off but it will have tracking data from the location it was turned off to the location it was turned on. Also, you should still leave a note somewhere of where you went, just in case something happens and you get murdered, they can find a note hidden in your room or something of where you went before you died.

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    Taking the SIM out will prevent the phone from being usable as a phone. 


    Learn to live with the fact that there is no chance of going anywhere 

    or doing anything without leaving some kind of trail.             

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