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What's the British and Australian English equivalent of the word, 'goddamn', when used as an intensifier?

As in "You goddamn moron!" and "Don't be so goddamn stupid!" 

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    2 months ago

    Unfortunately, the pejorative 'fvkng' is used at street level. 'Bloody' is much more polite.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    As the user above me's already said, we use "bloody" in the U.K., as opposed to "goddamn", in the contexts that you've stated, as, I believe, New Zealand and Australia do too. I believe they also cuss with "bloody", instead of 'goddamn". I'd say "bloody's" probably your nearest British equivalent to "goddamn", due to the fact that they're used very similarly and they're both about the same strength, give or take. 

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    2 months ago

    The British use "bloody". Just how emphatic do you want to be? Things have escalated. When I was in college, people used "damned" as a universal adjective- "So I went to damn garage and I asked them to fix the damned car, and the damn mechanic.said..."  I thought then, and. I think now, that it shows a poverty of vocabulary- a lack of ability to chose more accurate words. Now people throw the f word around the same way, and it's very boring. So "goddamn" these days is so mild that Y/A doesn't even censor it- but it used to be the strongest epithet you could say since it included the word "god". 

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