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Can amplifier distort with sensitivity set to zero?

If I send the amp 9v by using a line driver to amplifier the head unit signal, the gain will basically be set to 0. Can the incoming signal be so high that even with the gain set at its lowest will not be low enough and not match therefore leading to distortion? Or is a 0 gain basically guaranteed to be distortion free?? Thanks for your input. 


This yahoo answers car audio is worthless. Replies that have nothing to do with what I asked are the standard. What the hell does bass boost or ported enclosures have to do with my question? What does 12v battery have to do with the gain? People have lost the ability to read. 

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    Exactly what the heavy alcoholic drinker and the heavy smoker man have said.

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    The amp will turn off. Most car amplifiers operate on 12 to 18 volts. The amplifier's gain is suppose to be set to the output signal on the head unit or whatever the amplifier's RCA input is connected to.

    Here's an edit. I was too drunk last night to answer your question. If the incoming signal is so high then yes, you can leave the amplifier's gain at 0%. I don't know if you understand about the amplifier's bass boost. The bass boost is best set at 0% on a high and mid range incoming signal. On the low incoming signal, the bass boost can be set.

    As well, the ported enclosure performs much more louder and produces low-end frequencies much more then a sealed enclosure. This also depends on what type of vehicle the subwoofer is inside of. The Escalade, Tahoe, Hatchback, Van, Suv, Mpv, Ups, Fedex, and the 18-wheel semi is the best for the subwoofer. It's best to pull down the rear seat if the subwoofer is inside the trunk of the Sedan, Coupe, Convertible, Compact, and the Pickup truck.

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