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Anyone with eczema relate? ?

My eczema has yellow crust over it and sometimes it waters. Sometimes it has little bumps that bubble up watery or it looks like a pimple and go away when i’m washing my hands. Does anyone know why it does that? 

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  • 2 months ago

    Dyshidrosis.  Allergy to a dermatophyte.  If you have constipation or diarhea/gas/bloating then it is Candida and the treatment is 28 days of 2million units of oral Nystatin.

  • Andy C
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    2 months ago

    Doesn't sound like eczema,  or it's likely a secondary condition that is allowed by the inherent eczema. 

    I would go to a dermatologist. 

    I did for my eczema and I got a fancy steroid cream to calm down the itch and help reduce the inflammation. 

    The only OTC steroid cream is hydrocortisone.   Try that. 

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