Are amazon phones that say unlocked really unlocked ( has any one bought one and it worked)?

If I buy a phone that says unlocked off amazon. One that says will work on any network. If so how do you get it switched to your network 

4 Answers

  • 3 months ago

    If it's unlocked you just put your SIM card in and you're good to go. If that doesn't work then it isn't unlocked.

    NOTE: I believe iphones lock to the network of the first SIM that's put in

  • 3 months ago

    No, they're not really unlocked. You still have to unlock them using a rare key that comes from the nether world.

  • 3 months ago

    If it says it is unlocked, it should be unlocked. Just make sure you buy from a listing that says that is sold and shipped by Amazon. If you buy from a 3rd party seller, make sure to read through the entire listing. Amazon makes it very easy to return things in case it doesn't arrive as described.

    You typically just remove the SIM card from your old phone and put it into the new one. The new phone should recognize the SIM card and you should have service.  You may need to add carrier APN settings on some Android phones in order to get things like mobile data and MMS to work.

  • I bought a gsm unlocked phone off Amazon, it works as long it's compatible with that network. I am upset how poor Amazon shipping was, phone box was rattling around in shipping box with no packaging material and shipping box badly dented like it was kicked. 

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