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Is it better to adopt through state or private agency?


like should i work with a child in a state custody foster care and adopt from there or go through a private agency to adopt a child

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    Are you asking about a state agency or just the state, as in foster care? There are only private adoption agencies when it comes to the placement of infants. 

    Adopting through foster care generally takes far less time if the child has already had parental rights terminated and the cost is free or very close to it. Going through an agency to adopt a newborn is extremely expensive (tens of thousands of $$$$) and there is no guarantee a woman who is expecting will choose you. You could spend money after you are selected only for the adoption plan to fall through after birth when the mother changes her mind and chooses to parent. 

    You are unlikely to have a baby placed with you if you go the foster care route (though it’s not impossible; the youngest child I’ve ever fostered was 8 months old when she was placed in our care), but you’ll be helping a child who truly needs a new home and family.

    Source(s): Adoptee and foster mom.
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