if yahoo can publish something why can i not comment on it that is totally one sided and is not right?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Verizon Media, Not Yahoo, disabled all commenting across the entire Yahoo.com platform in July 4 Months ago for safety and security reasons. Verizon has?OWNED Yahoo for over 3 years. Many of us?assumed this would be temprary, but Verizon NEVER said that. Verizon can manage What is left of Yahoo however it and the investors and stockholders want. No one is?suppressing your right of access to a "free" press which has not really been free for over 70 years. No one is forcing you to participate on YA. You can state your opinion on YA if you wznt, but you are exploiting and wasting the time of the entire YA community and ate misusing the YA platform. 

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