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How do you like these names?

Celeste, Laura, Chelsea, Annabell, Jane, Victoria (Vicky), Isabel(Isabella)


and Charlene, Florence

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    Celeste -- Not keen on this, feels dated now. 

    Laura -- It's okay but a bit bland. 

    Chelsea -- This name has never felt very classy to me. 

    Annabell -- Love this, very pretty. Prefer the spelling Annabel though. Jane -- Simple, understated and elegant.  

    Victoria (Vicky) --  It's a classic but not a favourite of mine. Not keen on Vicky, prefer Toria as a nickname. 

    Isabel(Isabella) -- Love both of these, they're very popular but very pretty too. Charlene -- It's okay but I prefer Charlotte, it feels classier. Florence -- Gorgeous name. 

    My favourites are Isabel and Florence :)

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    Celeste- I have a bad association with this name, but I think it's pretty in general. i would use it if it weren't for the association. 

    Laura- Is is a lovely name but was very popular when I was growing up. I do think it will be due for a comeback pretty soon. Chelsea- This name always seemed "cutesy" to me and was popular growing up, but in the last couple of years has become more appealing to me. Annabell- Prefer Annabel or Annabelle. i think it is beautiful. Jane- Classy and timeless. Victoria (Vicky)- Hate the nickname Vicky. Like Tori or Toria as a nickname better. Its pretty, but also very popular. Isabel(Isabella)- I prefer Isabel, but spelled Isobel (Irish way) or Isabelle (so she can be called "Belle"). This is such a popular name as well right now, but beautiful. 

    Charlene- Too outdated for me. I like old fashioned names but not this one. 

    Florence- I like Flora, but not Florence for some reason. It's too outdated for me, where I could see Flora being any age. 

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    I like those names

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Celeste: I love it . Very pretty. 

    Laura: one of my favorites means crown of laurel 

    Chelsea: pretty but I prefer Kelsey 

    Annabelle: gorgeous 

    Jane: too plain , nothing special 

    Victoria: pretty but prefer Tori as a nickname 

    Isabella: too common

    Charlene: too old fashioned 

    Florence: don’t like it 

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  • 3 months ago

    All of those are very good names.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    try Savannah - more ambiguous

  • 3 months ago

    I like Laura, Jane and Victoria.

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    Celeste - 4

    Laura - 9

    Chelsea - 7

    Annabell - 2

    Jane - 9

    Victoria/Vicky - 6.5

    Isabel - 8

    Isabella - 9

    Laura and Jane are my favourites! Although they're well-known, they are uncommon as first names for babies in 2020 and I think they'd really stand out. Most names, no matter how "unique" they are, fit a modern trend. Laura and Jane aren't trendy, they're truly timeless and very memorable. Like a breath of fresh air!

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    3 months ago

    I like Jane the most. It may sound plain, but it's a good name.

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