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Hello. Christmas is coming soon, and I'd like to get my mom a skincare set to tackle her dark spots.?

Her skin isn't that sensitive, not really acne-prone either. But other than the dark spots, she'd also like a skincare set or set of products from different brands (either is fine) to tackle a but of wrinkle too. So far, my mom has been using COSRX toner, snail cream, TruSkin vitamin C serum, Clean&Clear face cleanser, and St. Ives scrub. She is around her late 40s. Thank you for your suggestions!

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    I think you need to take this question to your nearest Sephora store and ask to see their gift sets. They have something for everyone at every price point. At the top end there's the LaMer gift set -a line used by celebrities and it's amazing - and lower down there's sets by nearly every line. Sephora had a huge website with stuff the stores don't have. Most department store cosmetic  departments also have sets but they tend to be limited to the biggest names. Lastly, drug stores have some nice sets or you can get a basket, some shredded paper and fill your own. I got one filled with Neutrogena's hydro-boost line from one of my sons and I like all of it. 

    For dark spots and wrinkles hyaluronic acid is wonderful. Niacinamide is the other hot skin care ingredient right now. Peptides are also good for anyone who needs a bit of a boost to their glow. There's alot of products out there  with these skin care stars and all you need to do is look.

    And again - Sephora is a great place and where you might want to start your search.b

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    If I were your mom I'd be really annoyed at the cheek her kid is showing to presume to judge her "imperfections".

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    have her see a specialist first

  • Anonymous
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    Not a question. Reported.

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