10900k vs 3900x?

I'm looking to build a pc and I am stuck with two things. Processor and gpu. I don't really do gpu intensive tasks, I mainly do programming and software development. But if I'm going to get a gpu which I would need to for the 3900x, I wouldn't want to get a cheap one. I'll want to get a decent one for around $200 like the 5500XT. But the 10900k has integrated graphics which I think and hope will be sufficient enough for what I do. The rest of my build is 32gb 3200 MHz ram, and 1tb or 2tb samsung m.2 ssd. Also, I'm going to use the pc with a 1080p monitor, nothing of crazy resolution that's going to make the gpu work harder.


And I'm going to be running Linux on it, most likely Ubuntu

Update 2:

And all on a mini itx motherboard, cause I don't see why I'll need more than that

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    2 months ago

    great. so what is it you're going to do? you can't exactly expect us to make a suggestion with literally zero information about what you need it to do, right?

    different tasks require different levels of power and different processors are ideal for different tasks.

    are you processing video? some large quantities of data? just some basic games or streaming video? CAPTURING video, or livestreaming?

    each of these has different needs. if you just want a basic computer, for homework or google searches, you can literally pick the cheapest PC you can find.

    to do anything of substance, we need to know "what".

  • 2 months ago
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