Is a Subaru a good first car?

Thought about buying a 2009 Subaru Impreza 5dr cause it seemed like a good idea and all round good car. Is there anything I should know about?

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  • 2 days ago

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Years ago I was a low end car dealer. I would buy new car trade ins. They had one of these and priced it to me at $2200. It looked to me to be an $1800 car so I did not even ask to drive it. A few days later I think others passed on it too. The used car manager said "if you drive that car, you'll buy it". So I did. He was right. It drove like a dream.  I set it out for $2950 and I did not have a lot of interest. One teen drove it but did not buy it. A couple of weeks later he came back and bought it. Said he drove a lot of cars under $3000 and that was the best.

    This was way back when. If he had not have bought it I may have had to lower the price because I was just not getting calls for whatever reason.

    I don't recall the year but I remember it had 100k miles. And back when you could get lower miles at a decent price than you can today. It must have been a 92-93 model in 1999 or something and I did not know anything about them.  Except it drove better than any $2200 at wholesale car I ever had.  I never owned another one as I just did not see a lot of them.

    This shows below average reliability.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    you can try to get one if you want but personally, my first 2 cars were pieces of sh*t that had lots of problems. an impreza is one of those cars that people redline every day and some dont dont proper maintenance on, so things can get expensive quickly, especially if it has an automatic transmission. doing repairs on those things are difficult too, because they have those boxer engines. on a regular inline 4 engine, everything is easily accessible from the hood, on those engines you have to take the tires off, inner fender liners off, and a bunch of other things off just to do basic maintenance like sparkplugs.

     i would get another car. i know you want a nice car because you're a kid and dont have your priorities straight yet, but you should really consider something that's just reliable and easy to work on (also with a manual transmission, if possible, since those are more durable than automatics). i dont know where you live but if I was you i'd be looking at toyota camrys, honda accords, toyota corollas, MAYBE a hyundai elantra if i could find one with a manual that hasn't been beat on too badly. 

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