How can a young Christian man recieve respect as a leader in the workplace?

I have taken over a small restaurant located in a truck stop. I'm by far the youngest person only 20 years old. Everyone here seems angry because I'm changing the business model of the restaurant. They think I'm gonna fail and they think anytime I go on my computer im being lazy and say lots of bad things about me even if I explain im trying to work hard.. I've been nothing but very calm and respectful to everyone.. one lady even called some men to threaten me because she seems angry I'm changing the restaurant..but I'm changing it because it went out of business the way it was ran. This restaurant needs to be ran properly and I'm paying fair and square to do it.. i even listened to people wven when they wouldnt talk to me nicely.. they even came into my restaurant and moved my stuff without asking me. And I said nothing..They keep spreading lots of false rumors about me and when I attempt  to speak and get them to understand reality they always speak over me or walk away or something.. I keep trying to stick to the rule respect others and they will respect you back.. I just dont get it though.. they are hurting my reputation and making my job much harder because the truckstop and restaurant are conjoined in two. I just wish we could all get along. Some of the people here are very kind but then others just hate me and I really have no clue why. I work 90 hours a week and try very hard. And I'm nothing but nice to everyone and just try to help only.. what am I missing?

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  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    it is because you are still young and young people are green.   means no experience.   Hell, when I was 30, I was self employed and my friends (not anymore) told me that I dont have enough experience.    But, my first year working was the busiest year during these 10 years of being self employed.   I do understand that they are toxic friends and do not need to prolong our friendship.  

    this year I'm retiring because I'm tired of working from home.   to be honest, out of 10, those people who said bad things about you are just losers.  meaning they hate themselves because of their life and not your fault. 

  • a
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    1 month ago

    Three years ago, you were 19

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    Stop trying to change things until you can ask these people what they like and do not like about the way things were run.

    If you keep going the way you are going, you will have a truck stop restaurant that you own and that runs EXACTY the way you want it to...but you will have not customers because those truckers that you insult, have radios and they will tell everyone in 10,00 miles to AVOID your place.

    So if you want everything your way...keep doing it your way.  If you want to make attention and compromise.

  • 2 months ago

    If the ones causing issues are your employees,  give them one warning,  if they continue (or hire someone to threaten you,  why didn't you make a police report?)that's a firing offense. As boss your age and religion aren't important.  Run your business or don't. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    How the hell are you in charge and changing a business model at 20?

    I ran a full service restaurant at 24 but I sure as hell was not changing the business model.

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