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What do you feel safe doing during the pandemic? ?

With numbers rising, what are your plans for Thanksgiving? Have they changed? How about haircuts and dining out? 

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    It kind of sucks honestly. I've been cutting my own hair but I'm no professional 😂 for thanksgiving today were only having our grampy over who had a covid test 5 days ago and turned out that he didnt have it. My little sister was born with down syndrome and she has a compromised immune system so were just being extra safe

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    When you get the flu, you take one flu test.  The test is either positive or negative.

    Unless you are positive and treatment is not working you don't take another flu test.

    With covid people take tests over and over and over again. 

    A covid case is supposed to be "one" per person.  When states like California send out 500,000 bad ballots because they don't realize that Jim Smith and James Smith at the same address, same birthday are two different people = do you think health depts can keep track when people are taking 14 covid tests a week?

    Positivity rate is the number of positive tests against negative tests.  This means when people take 14 tests during a week, the positivity rate goes up because negative people don't take 14 tests a week.

    I've always a personal responsibility type of person.  I know how to keep myself safe. 

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    We managed to persist through the Bubonic Plague, "Spanish" Flu, Swine Flu, and Bird Flu.

    Cholera,  Polio, Small Pox,  etc.

    With or without Government.  I think we can do  it again.

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