Recording on a computer and what to use?

I have a computer that's running Ubuntu from Linux and I have a Scarlet studio from focusrite with a USB Wi-Fi adapter I can have the computer access to the internet however I'm trying to figure out if I should simply purchase a whole new tower since everything is on sale because I tried to run a DVD and a CD on the computer and it detected the discs but would not play them should I simply purchase a new tower for about $210 I found one that has Windows 10 and i5 processor with four to eight gig ram and about 250 gigs of hard drive it's a refurbished computer if I'm not mistaken however it's through Walmart so the return policy is pretty good I have up to 30 days to return it at my local Walmart and they show give me a refund I plan on checking with Walmart to be sure come Friday or should I purchase new parts for the tower that I have now.  

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  • keerok
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    2 months ago

    Scarlet Studio can be made to work with Linux. There are issues but there are workarounds. It's always like that with any Linux distribution. It's not always straightforward. If you want something that works right away, then yes, get a windows computer. If you want a no-brainer, get a Mac.

  • 2 months ago

    1. Recording had nothing to do with playing a CD or DVD. That's a separate question, but I'll try to answer it, anyway.

    2. Buying a new computer with Windows doesn't guarantee you'll be able to play DVDs, as Windows no longer includes a DVD decoder by default.

    3. Buying new parts won't fix your DVD issue, either.

    For recording audio from a microphone, Audacity is the obvious choice for both Windows and Ubuntu. For video from a webcam, video capture card, or TV tuner, try OBS Studio.

    To play DVDs on Ubuntu, as well as some other formats that aren't supported out of the box, try installing VLC and the "ubuntu-restricted-extras" package. I think the "libdvd-pkg" package might be necessary as well. The desktop (not Microsoft Store) version of VLC also comes with a DVD decoder.

    If somehow you have no idea how to install software on Ubuntu, 

    1. Press Alt-F2

    2. Enter "x-terminal-emulator" (without quotes)

    3. Enter "sudo apt install vlc ubuntu-restricted-extras obs-studio libdvd-pkg"

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