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Can I write a check to myself & cash it?  ?

Suppose I need to withdraw $3000 from my bank account, but my daily ATM withdraw limit is $500.  Can I write a personal check to myself & cash it, thereby getting around that atm limit?  My bank is entirely online, there's no branch I can go to.  The funds are all there.  

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    It depends on the individual policies of businesses that cash checks. Some stores set a limit of $5,000, some set limits lower, and some do not cash personal checks made out to 'CASH" - which is what you do. You don't write your own name in the payee line.

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    You don't write the check to yourself--you write it to CASH, and then you endorse (sign) the back like you would if your name was on the front. That's what you put in the Payee line. Good luck, though, finding a place to cash it. I doubt there will by any place you can find EXCEPT a bank which will be able to cash a $3000 check for you, no matter whose name is on that payee line. And most banks won't honor personal checks from other banks. 

    Time to switch banks to a physical one--you can keep your online bank, too--but this is one reason online-only banking is inconvenient at times. I would not use a bank that limited my ATM withdrawals to $500 a day. There are times when you might need more than that, just as you've stated. 

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    There is no place to write the check to.

    Normally this is done at the branch - write the check to cash, cash the check.

    Call your bank to see how they handle large withdrawals.

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    As an old-timer, I use cash only. I don't pay others for the privilege of my spending my own money 

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    Yes, you could. Withdraw of funds at your bank don't count against your daily ATM limit.

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    You could, but it's a bad idea, because of the fee for cashing a $3000 personal check anywhere except a bank where you have an account.

    To avoid the fee for cashing a check, you could try taking the $3000 check to a bank with branches, opening an account there, depositing the check in that bank, and coming back a few days later to withdraw cash from that bank in person at a branch.

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     Check cashing place takes a fee and would not let you walk out with anywhere near $3000 without being able to verify that it is good. So they might give you $300-500 and tell you to come back monday for the rest.

    Most off us who use online banks also have local banks or credit unions and use ACH to transfer money. If you had that you could walk in the next day usually and get as much as you want.

    My broker is now doing same day ACH transfers.  Usually by noon if they are in by 8AM.

    But, Its been years since I needed to get my hands on that much cash. 

    I had a handy man do some work for me once and wrote him a check. 15 minutes later a check cashing place called and asked if it was good. I said yes, they gave him the money less their fee. It was a saturday. 

    I presume he was buying drugs.

    You can join most local credit unions for $5. (A few are $25). They require that to maintain the account and you can't access that without closing the account.

    I am a member of 3 within a half hour and might be joining a 4th soon. One has a 1% savings and 1.5% IRA savings, the others except one have reward checking accounts that pay 3%. One was my first credit union and they used to have a reward checking account but lowered the rates and I just have not bothered to close it.  Most but not all will let you use a shared branch for out of area credit unions. So I do that. And the nearest CU to me, I am not even a member but I use them the most. Usually to fund out of state cu deposits. The one nearest me just does not have anything that interests me as far as rates or accounts. But, they wont let me use the drive thru as a non customer. I have to go inside. No big deal.

    Ally bank has quick ACH transfers after you do a pull from the outside account and wait a month or something. Like at least $200. Prior to that they take 3 days.

    Many of the credit unions do not have ACH on their end from their website.  But Ally & discover both do.  I would suggest using one of them and a local credit union. Not one of the damn apps.

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    Yes, since a check is not the ATM.  

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    Where exactly would you cash it?

    No bank will let you walk out with $3k cash if you don't have an account with them and most check cashing stores have limits lower than that.

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