34/35 year old Male flirts/likes 21/22 year old female?

When I first started at my current job(2 years ago) this guy, he kept smiling at me (which is natural and it is good to smile) and also seem to like me. Me and him get along we do and we are just friends. 

After my ex-boyfriend dumped me and lockdown of COVID19 he felt sorry for me because my ex dumps me. 

3 months later he asks about what sort of guy would you go for, I said to him "guys who are older and closer to my age (up to 5 years older than me)" and he said "oh ". 

In the summer he said to me that he really likes and I have got feelings he wants to go on the date with me and I said to him that "I would rather be friends" I even said to him that "I like guys who are near to my age" 

I know age is just a number at the end of the day but it is maturity, I ask my friend, said to me that "just to remember you are at the beginning of adulthood, you are still young and haven't got a lot of adult experience but with him he has more adult experience" 

He was 34 and 35 (when he said he likes me) and I am 21 going 22. When I first met him (I was just turned 20 and he was 33).


I know we are legally adults but its mainly maturity and I will rather be friends with him.

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    3 months ago

    There is no question here.

    You don't have to go out with anyone you don't want to date. It isn't rude, it's a preference, and you're entitled to your preferences.

    Dating someone from work is a poor idea. *When* you break up [because most relationships end by breaking up] you still have to go to work. It isn't clear whether this man actually asked you out, or you 'have feelings' that he'd like to. Either way, you have the right to decline.

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