Anyone ever thought of remaking music theory?

Make it simpler so it doesn't become so stupidly difficult.

Example: Instead of A to G# just go A to L (first 12 letters).

Much better for people new to music to figure out how to make chords. I remember when I was new I'd get confused on why the major third from A was a sharp instead of a natural, that might just be my guitar teaching not telling me that a major third is 4 semitones but music theory could be made so much easier if we used a different system.

The only people that would hate this are maniacal jazz teachers that spent decades learning and mastering this stupid system.

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    Know how to make music

  • 2 months ago

    Music theory sucks (sorry jazz fans, but it does), but you don't need to know very much of it to be a musician.  You just need to know the basics.  I've been performing (guitar and vocals) for over 30 years, and written music looks like chicken scratches on a barbed wire fence to me.  I know the difference between major and minor and what the basic notes are, and that's about it.  I've been having a good time writing and playing music ever since.

    And what would be the point of rewriting the language?  Calling it an L (or whatever) instead of a D flat doesn't make anything easier to understand, there would still be a difference in major and minor chords and keys that everyone would hear, and everyone would still know you f**ked up if you played the wrong chord.  You wouldn't really change anything.

    If you think music theory sucks, a) you'd be right and b) just stop studying it.

  • 2 months ago

    I don't find it so difficult.  A major third is two whole steps; nothing complicated about that. Every major chord follows the same pattern.  You really don't need to know a lot of theory to strum chords on a guitar.  Would you like to only have the black notes on a piano?  

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    2 months ago

    I'd say just concentrate on school work. Don't worry about things you know nothing about.

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  • 2 months ago

    I am a music theorist and taught theory for over 30 years - multiple undergrad and grad degrees in Music Theory and Music Education.  There have been MANY tries at changing the many systems we use in music.  But apparently, you resent most of them.  You have not thought through what a total revamp of music notation would require.  A-L  does not allow for a logical and organized way to determine the content of every single scale and the chords generated within, for only ONE example of your scheme.  There was a piano maker years ago, who thought that pianos should be made with all the white and black keys alternating - his premise being that now, pianists would only have to learn WHITE note starting scales, and BLACK note starting scales - only two fingerings.  Well, this does not reflect the nature of scale construction, wherein there are half-step between the 3rd and 4th, and then 7th and 8th steps of a major scale.  There is still the concept of transposition needed, due to constructed size of the various woodwinds - saxes alone alternate Bb and Eb - and similar construction exist in ALL woodwinds.  Ditto, brass.  It appears that YOU are coming here just to whine and complain about learning the internal structure of music - you wishing that if you just *fool around* on your instrument long enough, your genius in playing will magically emerge. You have posted several times about this.


    Your whining is not going to change the world of music, since around 1100.  If you are truly serious about learning music, you need to SUCK IT UP and learn the various organizational systems that allow for intelligent communication among musicians of the vast majority of music styles.  If you TEACHER is not doing their job - get a BETTER teacher.

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