clairaudience or telepathy?

i want to know if this is either clairaudience or telepathy on day when i was sitting near my computer i had a headache and i noticed when i had that headache i heard my moms voice in my ear and i couldn't help but notice that i heard her as clear as i hear a person talking that would have been standing next to me but my mom is still alive she is not dead cause i heard her voice but she is not a ghost so i want to know is this clairaudience or telepathy

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    This interests me.  I will give you an answer that is way too long, I just wrote this for another person who said similar things. I work with gifted women here in the USA.  It is a personal interest.  I mentioned it earlier today, kind of show I am not a troll. Even if you are, talking more might be interesting.

    The quick answer: My guess Clairaudience.  **Whan I say clairs I mean clairaudience***


    The long answer no troll cares about: No one knows what you experienced, you left out important information. Someone would have to know you better and what you heard.  While different, generally claircognizant / clairaudience & 'telepathy'.  "Clair" is a subset of telepathy. "Clair" is a means of feeling/hearing or obtaining information through non-conventional ('telepathic') means.  Yes, Clair usually refers to more spiritual information and telepathy usually deals with humans.  You understand that correctly. But did you hear just her voice, just general words, her entire thoughts or a conversation?  Does this happen a lot/are you clairaudient?  People who are near negative energy, not experienced or falling under other stress almost always get headaches or quicker pains during Clairaudience. Since you suggested it was "a voice" the headache and a few other things.  You really did hear your mom's voice but because of stress/negative energy or other factors it was probably a spiritguide/goddess sending you a message which could have been about her as well.  But it was heard in here voice because of negative external influencers (interference).  It is also 100% possible a goddess used your mothers voice to get your attention------------------------------------

    Like I said, I wrote this for another woman.  To tell you if it was 'clair/telepathy'... We needed more information to tell you.  This was just a guess... Generally some things clairaudients notice.  People with one gift have many.  But this might help you understand if you are clairaudient:

    Clairs are usually sensitive.  Often 'science' calls it HSP.  This is true of sound:

    Clairs can hear and often 'feel' sounds in what most perceive as quiet (it is vibrations)

    Clairs have deep connection with music. The two I spoke to had: Goddess; 'erotic' or sensual connections to music - "it was sexy, beautiful or stimulating". They found music to motivational - deep spiritual/trance state

    Clairs talk to themselves ('internal dialogue').  While no one would understand it, think they were crazy.  Clairs often do this outloud.  They act imagine things/conversations outloud when in private - it is very ok (good; normal). Oddly it is necessary and helpful too.  "externalizing"

    --Clairs might talk to the TV, book or other things, a guide probably attempted to communicate quietly and they didn't hear it.

    Clairs usually have problems with anxiety, stress or negative energy.   Their body & mind pick up on vibrations (sounds; real ones) no one else does.  They literally feel them and absorb them. Not fully learning how to control it impacts, tires, stresses and other things.  Negative energy can be picked up like this too.  This has lead to BPD, CPTSD or other things.

    This is more general. *Clairs usually have issues with 'negative self talk'(internal voice). *Clairs are very sensual can embrace their sexuality/feminity. Even if insecure with others when with people who love or encourage there is confidence.*Friends, society of family usually never understand.  They usually isolate, push away or express jealousy of clairs in a bullying way.  They do not know or care what is going on, they see you are different and just ignore/"abuse".*Clairs are more spiritual than religious. *More artsy/creative than "math driven". *Desire to help, share or make others happy.**Clairs usually had imaginary friends, doctors label them as crazy** (Now we know they were hearing spirit guides, not invisible people.*While it is not ok...  Often clairs feel alone/lonely.  As I mentioned Clairs are often targeted or attacked.  Too many people push others away and sense the Clair is different.  There might be trauma or other things because of attracting negative energy, abusive people or refusal to understand.DOES ANY OF THAT FIT?  (ABOVE).WHAT IS A CLAIR:You literally speak with spirit guides, divine/goddess or communicate with higher dimensions. Not always 'dead' people.  Not always 'good people'. The sounds often can only by the clair.  Pretty frequently sounds all hear have messages for just the Clair.  Like love, 'sex' or spirituality sounds are vibrations - energy.  Clairs feel/read (Hear) those vibrations.  Clairs were specifically 'chosen'/"gifted" to attract/absorb, hear and interact with the universe. Clairs did not ask to be chosen.  But their bodies are universal 'sponges' they are intimately connected with others and the universe.  While people think it is great being a clair.  Often it causes mental health issues, can lead to trauma (negative energy) and social & relationship issues.  However, when with the right people with motivation and effort it is the persons purpose. They are here for specific reasons with deeper connections and have more value than others even if they do not accept it.

    WITH you what might be happening(why you heard mom):If you are stressed, anxious. Your health matters (body). That can throw things off a lot.Most gifted people have issues with sexual energy.  Not "penetration sex".  "Sexual Energy" is more than that - love, divine, creation, communication.  It is the energy we all share.  It is the strongest form of energy: people, negative energy - those are "external influencers" things not in your control....  (Cord Cutting; Shielding matter)IF ANY OF that and many other things are off.  Even just reading about toxic/negative people on a computer can be bad. A spirit guide/goddess communicating to you will sound different.  I think that is all that happened.  There was some 'stress' and you heard mom.  You can't control it, deal with negative energy, cut cords or shield, those are bad, it interfered and you heard mom.LISTENFORYOU@PROTONMAIL.COM

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    Telepathy I guess... Maybe

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    2 months ago

    According to my experience on these phenomena your story is completely FALSE!

    First of all, there is NOT the so-called Clairaudience, when a person hears voices, in his ears, without having a headache, these are presences of spirits, trying to say something, and it is clear what they say.

    Instead, Telepathy is a revelation of knowing the thoughts of others, this is a power that the spirits of demons have, they reveal it to his subjects, the TRUE Senses, Medium, Magicians. That's why they know what a person has thought at that moment in his mind.

    Thank you for your attention, free answer!

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    2 months ago

    If what you think you heard doesn't match up with anything that actually (or will) happen, then it's not a psychic phenomenon. Don't discount the possibility that it's your imagination.

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    2 months ago

    more like daydreaming again ...has a cure it is called a kick up the bum .

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    Ignore English Guy.  Clairaudience is certainly a word - "The supposed faculty of perceiving, as if by hearing, what is inaudible".

    But there is no reason to invoke such superstition. More likely solutions are auditory hallucination, dream, audio pareidolia- your pattern seeking brain trying to make sense of random noise, or even a symptom of a health issue.

    If it continues, talk to your doctor. 


    My gosh EG, you've completely changed your answer. Why? Because I caught you out again? Judging by the new rant, I'd say yes. 

    FYI:  Clairaudience- History and Etymology for clairaudience

    clair- (as in clairvoyance) + audience (act of hearing)

    And as I posted earlier-

    Clairaudience - The supposed faculty of perceiving, as if by hearing, what is inaudible.

    SUPPOSED, because it is not supported by EVIDENCE.


    Wow- a 942 word rant. That has to be and EG record? 

    Silly **** never heard of the word 'pareidolia' until I used here. 

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    Neither. It is your imagination. 

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    I don't want to scare you and this is not something abnormal. Seeming to hear someone's voice, loud and clear, when the person is not there is auditory hallucination. It doesn't mean you're going crazy. People who have no illness whatsoever can experience these things. Most often it's liable to happen when people are very tired.

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    maybe not.

    Now if at that point in time you "heard her say" something that in reality she says days or weeks later, THAT would be clairaudience.

    Telepathy would be instantaneous, like if you heard what she was thinking at that same moment. Or when "for no reason" you go to a place you never go to and meet your friend that you haven't seen for way too long.

  • Unless your mother was there with you or communicating with you using the phone or some other device that is what is called imagination since neither clairaudience or telepathy are things which really exist. 

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