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Worth keeping xps 8500 late 2020?

Is it worth me keeping my xps 8500 in late 2020 with i7 3770 and 16gb ram and 1tb hdd or should i switch to a imac oor mac mini? or should i get another desktop tower?

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    I have a PC with a 2600k with an SSD but I also have a PC with a Ryzen 9 3900x with an NVMe SSD and I can't really tell the difference when it comes to emails, websurfing, and watching videos. So if you want your PC with the 3770 to function well then get an SSD for it. The Core i7-3770 with 16gb of RAM, an SSD, and a GPU is still able to play PC games and do other moderate tasks. 

    The new Mac Mini isn't a powerhouse of a computer. So the only reason to switch to that is because you want to use MacOS or whatever OS they're using with that thing. Those aren't made for doing any intensive tasks. 

    In the end you wouldn't be switching because you need more compute power, it would be to move from Windows to Apple's Operating system.

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    What are you using it to do?


    i7-3770 scores 6363.

    My laptop with Ryzen 5 3500U scores 7,161

    Your i7 is still good enough for most uses.

    What you can probably use is swapping out or adding an SSD. It should have your operating system and main software. The XPS 8500 should have available ports in it for a 2.5 inch sata or msata or even a pcie ssd.

    You can install software to clone the hdd which is a bit-by-bit copy. clean out garbage on it first. I assume you know to use CCleaner or other similar software that erases cache and temporary files. You can also install Windirstat or Treesize Free to get a better look at what is on the 1TB hard drive.

    Even if you wanted a 1TB SSD to completely replace the HDD, A good Samsung 860 EVO is only $100 plus tax. 


    Swapping the HDD for SSD does a lot for boot time and even internet access because of the way browsers store cache files.

    If gaming, maybe a new better power supply and graphics card.

    You don't need a new PC. You may need to spruce up what you have. Hard drive is aging anyway now, and due for a replacement. Might as well go ssd. It's just a matter of how to install and clone the old drive. Plenty of videos are available.

    A lot of people don't maintain a computer allowing junk files to grow. 

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    Considering that I'm using a 5-year old computer that I bought secondhand and that it's still 2020 meaning that that computer you have is still one hell of a machine with today's standards then I can't fully understand why you want to replace it already unless money is nothing to you, which again is not like me.

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