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help with xbox one? is it dying?

yesterday, i was playing xbox when my tv suddenly turned off. i didn’t think anything of it until it turned itself back on and the standby light started flashing. my tv and game came back on as if it were normal but not even 2 minutes later, it happened again. this happened constantly throughout the night. 

fast forward to this evening and i was playing again, i realised that every time i launch a game and start playing it, my tv turns off. when i’m on the xbox homescreen, everything is fine. 

my brother let me plug my xbox into his tv to see if the problem was my xbox or my tv, but now instead of the whole tv turning off, it’s showing as “no signal” as if my xbox is unplugged at the hdmi input. it just keeps connecting and disconnecting. 

it’s not a problem with the hdmi cable because i’ve used two different ones. 

has anyone else experienced this? did you find a solution or is it time to get a new console?


xbox constantly turns tv off. 

tried a different tv, doesn’t turn off but it says no signal (as if there is no hdmi plugged in). 

tried two different hdmi cables too. 

thank you :’) 


sorry, i don’t know if i made it clear, but when plugged into my brother’s tv, it works but whenever i launch a game, it shows as no signal. 

also, when the tv is off/showing as no signal, when i press the xbox button on my controller to take me back to the homescreen, it starts working again until i re-launch a game

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