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Can an apartment complex charge me 600$ for paint?

I recently moved out of my apartment after living there only a year. I called on the status of my deposit the morning of Nov 16 and was told the amount I'd receive and that it would be sent out the 17th of Nov, AKA the next day. When I received my deposit in the mail it stated that I OWED money and there was a charge of 575 for "satisfactory-paint".. I've tried to call the complex several time and no one is answering. Is this even legal? 


A little update! That is literally all they said on the deposit. No receipt and no other info on the paint charge. I have yet to get ahold of them. I put down a 1000$ deposit and was told the day before it was sent out that I'd be getting 624 back. When I received the deposit it stated that the costs to "repair" the apartment was 1020. The apartment was brand new when I moved in and I only lived there a year. I hung a few things but other than that the walls were completely fine. 

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    It's legal, but whether or not it was necessary should be your question. If you had your apartment painted in some color that required priming and painting, or if they were unable to cover your wall colors with one coat, then $600 for painting, though it might seem high, is not necessarily out of the range.  You didn't provide any details, so it's not possible to tell you. 

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    $600 will be for paint and a trades persons cost to apply it......... nothing stops you asking for the invoice to prove they had to pay that amount

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    If they had to repaint - then yes. 

    $600 seems pretty high unless they had to repaint significantly due to you and not just wear and tear; you can request more details. 

    Presumably you also took photos when you moved in, and when you left, so you know what the condition was at both points?

    Also; the deposit is generally returned minus any costs. It would make no sense for them to return it in full and then charge you for costs.

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    Your posting is confusing.  If they claim that you owed money, then why didn't they take that from the deposit?  They took 575 for the paint so, it doesn't make sense that they would return the rest and tell you that you still owe money.  Usually, anything you owe would be deducted and you would get the difference returned.  Taking some, returning some, and asking for more doesn't make ANY sense whatsoever.

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    you must not have left them the way you got them.

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    They can, but only if it actually costed that to repair or remedy damage that was caused by something other than ordinary wear and tear. You wouldn't have any recourse though, depending on the laws in your state unless you actually went to court and sued the landlord for your money. Some states only allow 30 days for the deposit and statement of account for any funds deducted from your deposit to be returned to you. Was it all done inside the time allotted by law in your state? If not, you may have a case. You would have to talk to an attorney though to be sure.

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    Sure, if that is what it cost to repaint the place, and they had to repaint.

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    They do it all the time.

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    It's the price the landlord has to pay the painters, not the cost of the paint.

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    Of course it's legal.  Most renters have the entire interior of abandoned apartments completely repainted because that's how they want to present it to the next prospective renter.  And that cost comes out of the previous renter's deposit and more if the paint exceeded the deposit.  That's all in your rental agreement; so get it out if you can find it and check out the small print that you signed and agreed to.

    Next time read your agreement before you sign it.

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