What type of roof should I use to join two sheds together?

I have built two sheds where the inside wall height is 12 ft and outside wall height is 8ft. They are 14ft wide and are spaced 12ft apart. I’m trying to figure out the best way to build the roof. The total width is 40ft and the total length is 42ft. 

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  • 2 months ago

    a forty foot wide truss is darn expensive.  What you're likely going to want to do is erect a queen post atop the inner walls and, in essence, build three separate roofs -- the center one is 12 feet wide and rests atop 8.5 foot high or higher side posts [well braced]  each of the side roofs is 14 feet wide and is a lean to style from the post atop the inner walls to the outside wall.  You'll need to figure out the required slope of the lean to roofs [hint: a 4 in 12 slope would require the inner posts be roughly 8.5 feet high and 4 in 12 is minimum slope for rain only load using shingles as exterior covering -- yes, you can go flatter with different roofing materials such as expensive metal or cheaper roll roofing] in order to handle your local weather load [snow load?] -- that will let you figure the height of the posts atop the inner walls and thus the height of the upside down "U" truss that supports these inner posts while you are erecting the outer lean to roof's trusses.  This is a darn big engineering job and, unless you're an engineer yourself, you need to hire that part done.  Lifting the trusses into place is going to require a small crane.  Building the trusses in place could be done if you're a master rough carpenter ... which I doubt or you'd not be asking.  *** Any roof structure that has two valleys in it is just asking for immense leaking problems.  [Hint:  that's why barns do not have such roofs -- not to mention that in a barn the hay loft is a necessary feature and a bigger hay loft is better.] -- grampa

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Not sure I can picture it, but a flat roof sounds as though it would be easiest - you want to avoid creating valley gutters which might leak.

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